Constructive Living Coaching

Whether you are looking for ways to help achieve your goals, improve your relationships, reduce unnecessary stress, or enrich your everyday life, Constructive Living one-to-one coaching offers practical, realistic methods of personal development. Telephone appointments, face-to-face meetings and correspondence are just some of the ways that we facilitate coaching.

The effectiveness of our CL Coaching model is partly due to the pragmatic and realistic approach the material itself offers. The methodology invites self-examination and a way to gain clarity of purpose. The coach acts as a guide, one who shines a bright but compassionate flashlight on the needs, objectives and obstacles facing the client while offering direction and encouragement to take appropriate action that will produce lasting changes.

The second reason this approach works well is that the CL Coaching model encourages and enables people to cultivate self-awareness and resilience so they can self-assess and move forward on their own. The success of coaching is not the coach; it is the person being coached. They are the ones who make the changes.

Our clients come to us with a variety of goals and objectives. A few example include:

  • Improving interpersonal communications
  • Conflict and stress reduction
  • Developing strengths
  • Becoming more effective in their work
  • Developing healthy habits to gain more energy and well-being
  • Professional development
  • Coping with illness and family demands
  • Getting things done

The frequency of coaching sessions is directly related to how serious the individual involves themselves and the amount of work they are willing to put forth, which is linked with their desire to bring about the necessary changes in their life. 

On average it is safe to say that four to five individual sessions, with in between telephone contacts is the norm.  We include in our fees a “checking in” session, in person or telephone, after six months.

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