Conference Presentations

"Some of our members felt the ideas he presented were powerful enough to be personally life-altering
for them."
—Ken Nesbitt CMA
Gottfried's presentations help individuals align their personal vision, values and the important things in life with their purpose and actions.
His seminars equip individuals with the skills to live well with meaning, work more efficiently, reduce stress and conflict, and contribute toward a better work/home life. Skills and practices covered include: directing appropriate attention, the art of self-reflection, and co-existing with difficult emotions and circumstances.

Presentations can range in length from one-hour keynote addresses to half-day/full-day workshops. Costs are based on length and complexity of program requirements; we are happy to discuss your presentation needs and provide a quote at any time. Please call 250.325.4245, or e-mail

Praise for Gottfried's Conference Presentations

The session with Gottfried was, without a doubt, the best development day I have experienced in 10 years. His teachings on being "present and purposeful" have been constant influencers in my daily life ever since. Gottfried's ability to connect with and capture the audience was truly remarkable. I guarantee he'll make you think hard and laugh out loud! Even more remarkable to me was the fact that at the end of the day, people didn't leave! Our closing activity was to write a letter to ourselves to create a personal action plan for what we wanted to hold ourselves accountable. I've never been to a seminar where 15 minutes after it's over two-thirds of the room are still sitting with their heads down writing out their thoughts. Truly an insightful session with great relevance both personally and professionally.

—Nora Molina, MBA, Executive Director
Human Resources Institute of Alberta

As a manager of events at CGA Alberta, it is my responsibility to find appealing and thought-engaging speakers for our Association's conferences. I cannot begin to describe how fortunate I am to have been introduced to Mr. Mitteregger. His workshop "A Journey to Personal Effectiveness" was the most talked-about session we offered. Attendees are still writing to say thank you for bringing Mr. Mitteregger to our event. I recommend, without hesitation, Mr. Mitteregger as your next speaker or workshop leader.

—Cynthia J. Douwes, BA, CMP, Manager of Events
Certified General Accountants' Association of Alberta

As the coordinator of an annual conference for our sector, it can be challenging to find a speaker that can open the eyes of participants, change perspectives, inspire, empower and validate, and shift someone thinking and attention, on both a personal and professional level. Gottfried achieves this with his warmth, knowledge, and practical strategies for life and living.

Participants' comments included "I will hold on to this for a long time," "powerful, realistic and inspiring," "wonderful and encouraging," "I received more then I expected!" Music to every conference planners ears! I would highly recommend GM for you next event!

—Doreen Hogarth, Professional Development Coordinator
Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS)


I attended the workshop Gottfried Mitteregger presented to our professional accounting association, Calgary and Area CMAs in Public Practice. Based on the positive response from our members, I would highly recommend his Personal Effectiveness Workshop to all professional organizations.

Gottfried’s work and lifestyle concepts are both thought-provoking and insightful.  His interactive presentation style is particularly effective in encouraging audience participation. He combines humour with a thorough understanding of his topic to create a productive learning environment.

Some of our members felt the ideas he presented were powerful enough to be personally life-altering for them. From the positive feedback of our group I can say this was one the best professional workshops that many of our members have attended.

Ken Nesbitt CMA, Professional Development Coordinator, Calgary and Area CMAs in Public Practice

CL is about paying attention, accepting life as it is and taking responsibility for our actions. Gottfried has an effective style of teaching these concepts that puts participants at ease. I believe that the Constructive Living principles are very applicable to workplace health. This is an approach to living well that can have a significant impact on mastering change, stress and balance-issues that today's employees are struggling with.

—Deborah Jones, chair, Health Work & Wellness Conference
President, Well-Advised Consulting Inc.