What Participants Say about Constructive Living Training

Personal Management for Constructive Living-
In March of 2012, Resourceful Futures set out to find a trainer that would assist Resourceful Futures provide training to our employees who work in the human services sector.  Gottfried Mitteregger was highly recommended.  In our first consultation, the administration team was WOWED by what Gottfried had to offer regarding Personal Management.  We set the wheels in motion and hired Gottfried who trained many of the staff at Resourceful Futures from frontline to senior management.  Today, his training still resonates throughout the agency.  Additionally Mr. Mitteregger provides a 16 week online follow up to his initial personal management training.

What a clever way to keep the momentum of personal management going.  At Resourceful Futures we thoroughly enjoy the online training that we can access daily and interact with others through the blogging experience. Of all the personal development training we have received over the years, Constructive Living Learning Centre is at the top of our recommendations for the following reasons:

-Positive, empowering, enjoyable
-We felt instantly at home with Gottfried
-Our team has felt the powerful message and what a wonderful message it is!
-It not only changed the way we worked, it changed the way we lived!

Senior Management Team of Resourceful Futures Community Support Ltd.

My experience with Constructive Living and Gottfried was the most empowering experience in my Life at both the personal and professional levels. Gottfried presented the Constructive Living material to our team on a teambuilding day and that was followed by an online learning for 16 weeks. For some of my team members, the change was more noticeable than others, however, for me it was life changing. Through the on line learning, all the Ted Talks, blogging, sharing with other participants and doing the assignments I learnt a lot about humans' inner strengths. Going through the online training helped believe that we can do any thing if we choose to do it. Gottfried held a flashlight for me to see what it takes to live a life with purpose and to lead a team in the right direction. My experience with Constructive Living was an eye-opener about what really matters in life and who I really want to be as a wife, a mother and a leader…. Thank you Gottfried.

Hana Algergawi. Community Living Alternatives Services. Program Supervisor

The session with Gottfried was, without a doubt, the best development day I have experienced in 10 years. His teachings on being "present and purposeful" have been constant influencers in my daily life ever since. Gottfried's ability to connect with and capture the audience was truly remarkable. I guarantee he'll make you think hard and laugh out loud! Even more remarkable to me was the fact that at the end of the day, people didn't leave! Our closing activity was to write a letter to ourselves to create a personal action plan for what we wanted to hold ourselves accountable. I've never been to a seminar where 15 minutes after it's over two-thirds of the room are still sitting with their heads down writing out their thoughts. Truly an insightful session with great relevance both personally and professionally.

—Nora Molina, MBA, Executive Director
Human Resources Institute of Alberta

As a manager of events at CGA Alberta, it is my responsibility to find appealing and thought-engaging speakers for our Association's conferences. I cannot begin to describe how fortunate I am to have been introduced to Mr. Mitteregger. His workshop "A Journey to Personal Effectiveness" was the most talked-about session we offered. Attendees are still writing to say thank you for bringing Mr. Mitteregger to our event. I recommend, without hesitation, Mr. Mitteregger as your next speaker or workshop leader.

—Cynthia J. Douwes, BA, CMP, Manager of Events, Certified General Accountants' Association of Alberta


Mr. Gottfried Mitteregger facilitated five sessions on Constructive Living Training:  Personal and Corporate Growth for the Centre for Suicide Prevention during the year of 2008.  The foci of these sessions were:  Team Building, Managing Change, and Personal Effectiveness in Communications.

I would highly recommend the training both from the perspectives of content and delivery.  Gottfried walked us through the content covering the cornerstones of the philosophy defining Constructive Living.  There was plenty of opportunity for reflection, sharing experiences, and “homework” allowing each individual to process the material and practice the precepts discussed in the sessions. At the end of the sessions, it was possible to see how the role and place of each individual could create a constructive whole within the organization.

On a personal note, I found the training not only useful for professional life but also in my personal life.  I have, since the completion of the training, used the training to help me reflect on my behavior and guide me in the decisions and actions that I have taken.

Rani Murji, Education Director, Suicide Prevention Calgary


I spent the first of several mornings with Gottfried in the spring of 2007, working on personal effectiveness and healthy teamwork. It was a fairly easy process to identify qualities our team would relate to a fulfilling life.  The challenge was in how to begin the movement towards a place of deeper relationships, more purposeful work and greater vigor in day to day living. I found the course material life-changing in its practicality. After two years, this course still comes back to me – reminding me of a practical wisdom for living well, and the power in the day to day choices I make.

I think, perhaps, Gottfried is his own strongest endorsement for the “Constructive Living’ material. It doesn’t take a long time in Gottfried’s company to recognize in him a vitality and presence in living that is quite compelling. I think it’s a testament to his living out the principles contained in this seminar material. “Constructive Living” is a gift you give to yourself – where the value just keeps growing. It’s not often that a seminar will resonate with you so long. I couldn’t endorse “Constructive Living” more strongly. I am becoming someone who is learning to live more awake to the moment, and with more generosity and intention. Thank you Gottfried!

Clary Fox, Community Living Alternative Services, Calgary, Alberta 


I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the workshop and that I have kept it up, and know I will for the rest of my life.  I am just glad I had the opportunity to meet you at this stage of my life when I feel like I can really make sure I am the manager I’ve always wanted to be.  Now I have the skills and the knowledge to keep doing better for myself and my staff. Thanks! 

— Lindsay Peardon, Youth Programs Assistant

TELUS World of Science - Calgary & Creative Kids Museum

I just wanted to thank you again for your workshop, it has changed my entire way of looking at how I interact and train my staff. Thanks.

Joan, TELUS World of Science


I feel what I have learnt about myself and my management style from you will help me for the rest of my career and in my personal life, as I will continue to pay attention to my actions and my feelings. Thank you so much.

—Nancy, TELUS World of Science


I have used Constructive Living for a team building session prior to starting our last major project and it went very well.  I chose CL for our group, since I had participated in CL with my family and was familiar with the course, and it proved to be very beneficial for my group.  Our group was very diverse and I thought that it would help in ensuring that the various persons all interacted together effectively.  The group was impressed with the course and we did manage our project effectively and efficiently once we got started.
—Soren Christiansen Team Leader, EnCana, New Ventures, Mackenzie Delta

Wow, I have to say I have learnt a lot about myself from your workshop and from the assignments.  I always thought I was a very optimistic person, because I chose to always try and see the good in every situation.  However, after paying close attention I realized it would be much easier if I stopped complaining. Thank you Gottfried.

—Diane, Thrifty Foods

So here's the thing: in the teaching, don't overlook the teacher.  Gottfried the teacher is a luminous presence: he creates a hospitable space, a safe and courageous space, to draw you into.  Gently, playfully, with humour, he woos you further in, with simple, engaging and powerful ideas and practices that call you forth to lean into the best that you can become.

Meguido Zola, Associate Professor and Director, Professional Programs, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada

This course has already affected what I do and how I do it. Thank you again for the single best instruction I have ever had.

DJ, Petroleum Engineer  Warrior Energy, Calgary


Constructive Living is about paying attention, accepting life as it is and taking responsibility for our actions. I believe that the Constructive Living principles are very applicable to workplace health.  This is an approach to living well that can have a significant impact on mastering change, stress and balance issues that today’s employees are struggling with.

—Deborah Jones-Connors, Chair, Health & Wellness Conference, President, Well-Advised Consulting Inc.


This training is significantly different from the hundreds of training options currently available. The course had a profound effect on my relationship with my employees as well as making me reevaluate my personal life with vigor. It is a must not only for today’s managers and business owners, but for key employees as well.  In today’s fast moving world there is a lot of training, but this one you can’t afford to miss.

R. Alexander, President Neptune Packers Ltd, President Pacific Seafood Council


I was astounded at the fact that so much of the information and skills taught were applicable on a personal level as well as in the work environment.  I have noticed that when workshops do NOT affect the person at a basic level, the skills and approaches presented are rarely transferred into the work environment after the course closes.  The ideas and conversations that Trudy and Gottfried stimulated in the group were personally applicable and so were more likely to be transferable into other environments ... The material is applicable in many walks of life and I have found it is especially applicable to dealing with work and personal stress and provided skills that assist in preventing "burn out", a common problem where people work in high stress environments or have to deal with clients/patients who are themselves under major life stresses.

—Lorraine L. Dahlberg, B.O.T., O.T.(C)
Consultant - Occupational Therapist, Disability Management Specialist
Dahlberg Consulting Inc.