I invite you to take part in a journey of everyday living. Something to still the haste of a busy life, with no time to spare. Something to remind us that life is short and how it may be useful to consider what we would most regret if we don't make time for it now. A filter to sift through all the things that use up our time, in order to make sure that they are things that count. And a new filter that changes, from time to time, of two or three things that will be the gatekeepers of what we say yes to.

There is no true separation between our work life and our personal life. They both intrude on each other so why not integrate them into influencing a life that works on all fronts. When we become more skilful about how and what we spend our time on, whether it is at home or work, we free up our time and energy for an active, creative, productive and meaningful life whether we are interrupted by sorrow or joy.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe is credited with proclaiming: Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words. I will add that we also need to do something everyday that is truly important to us, beyond our routines and our defaults.

In this on-line program we invite you to join us, where we will offer during the course of each month ways to:
Grow in self-awareness
Discover the power of purpose
Make choices which are purpose based
How you can best co-exist with your emotions and still be effective
To respond constructively, rather than reactively in all situations
A way of self-reflection, which will allow you to move from entitlement to appreciation

We will incorporate a variety of learnings with something to think about, something to look at, something to listen to.

Many of you have worked with me before either in workshops or at Conferences and know that my perspective on living and working well is influenced by Japanese Psychology and a combination of western and eastern world-views that lean towards the practical and compassionate. You may also remember that my passions are music, nature and people everywhere.

Many of you also know Trudy, who has kindly agreed to be my editor and who will contribute her keen insights to this program from time to time.

I am delighted to begin this new program and I would be thrilled if you would join me. Please email me at or call me at 250 325-4245 or 403 701 5814 to learn more and/or to add your name and email to my contact list.

Gottfried Mitteregger

Constructive Living
phone: 250.325.4245  |  cell: 403.701.5814