Constructive Living offers innovative, character building educational programs that maximize effectiveness at work and home by helping you to:

  • Cultivate Awareness
  • Know your Purposes
  • Discover Balance
  • Develop a Flexible Mind
  • Take Constructive Action

The foundation of Constructive Living rests on two Japanese therapies known as Morita (Psychology of Action) and Naikan (Psychology of Reflection). Dr. David K. Reynolds blended aspects of these therapies with western culture, to create a practical, educational model for living meaningfully.

Constructive Living training programs encourage an approach to life based on your own experience, rather than on theories about how life should ideally be. They offer guidelines for getting done those things you consider important and meaningful to do even while not feeling motivated. They help provide a balance in everyday life and work, by narrowing the gap among the spiritual, the psychological, and the practical.